If your business welcomes children, parents might want to manage multiple children. Here's how Punchpass can accommodate multiple children under a single parent.

We would recommend setting up one customer that includes both child's names. So, "Aaron and Jon" (children) are a single customer, and their email is their parent's email (Ned Star). You can use the City field as a wild card and put the parent's name there -- that field is sortable when you click on the column heading.

All passes in the shared account will be usable by the children in question.

Adjust your online reservation settings

As an Admin, you can always create multiple reservations for a class. We recommend adding when adding multiple reservations for the same customer to a class that you add a note so the instructor is aware.

If you'd like your customers to register themselves, this feature requires you to allow duplicate reservations. This setting lives in the Online Reservations section of your account:

Taking attendance

If both children attend the same class, you should mark the customer as attending a class twice. The system will warn you that it's a duplicate attendance, but it will accept the attendance.

Managing different passes per child

Each account in Punchpass allows multiple active passes.

If the children need different passes for some reason (Kids Group A pass & Toddler Group B pass are different prices & different classes), no problem!

For each pass type, please check the pass settings to make sure they're valid for the appropriate classes.

When it comes time to take attendance, mark the attendance as usual. Punchpass will look for the valid pass for the class.

Need to change the pass assigned when marking attendance? Here's how to do that.

If all children are accessing the same passes/classes, that's fine too -- just mark that "customer" as attending twice when both kids show up for a particular class.

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