If your studio is offering a few things for sale (but not enough to justify additional software) then Punchpass may be able to help.

Many studios use Punchpass to manage a small amount of retail sales.  It's not a full service solution, but we can help you track a few things you sell in-house.  

Let's say you sell yoga mats for $25 and want to be able to track your sales and take cash or card payments (you can use Stripe if you're on a Punchpass plan that supports online payments).

Your first step is to set up a pass (within Manage Account => Manage Passes) that matches the details of the item, like this:

Make your Yoga Mat 'pass' a punchcard with one visit and use the expiry settings above so that the pass gets used up immediately and doesn't show as an available credit on your customer's account.

It's also really important to make sure that the Yoga Mat 'pass' isn't valid for any class attendances. You control that setting during the set up of the pass but if you want to double-check you can click on "Eligible Classes" from the screen shown above and make sure no classes are selected.

That's it! Now your Yoga Mat is ready for sale and you can repeat this process for any number of other items.

A few things to note:

  • It's best to reorder your passes so that your retail products are at the bottom of your list (read more about how to do that here

  • You can change the regular price of the product at anytime by editing the 'pass' within Manage Account => Manage Passes

  • If you want to offer an on-the-spot discount then you can do that when you assign the 'pass' to the customer - just click on "Create Pass and Then Edit It" at the time of sale (NOTE: you can't change the price if they're paying by card) 

  • You can track your sales in your Pass Reports (click on "Specific Pass Details" for historical sales data by pass (i.e. item) type) 

  • We recommend limiting merchandise sales to in-studio only, but if you want to offer them for sale online then you can definitely do that too (on a Punchpass plan with Stripe connected)

Hope that gives you another tool in your arsenal of great uses for Punchpass 😀

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