We currently support English, German, French, Spanish (2 dialects), Swedish, Dutch, and Chinese (traditional), Japanese and Norwegian.

Would you like us to support your language? Place a language request here!

Here is how to make the necessary changes:

1 - Log on and click on Manage Settings > General Settings.

The language support selection is in the bottom under Standards and Formats. This is also where you can edit how your dates are displayed AND how the time is displayed.

2 - Next, you need to edit the text displayed at the top of the schedule page, and the top of the pass purchase page (if you have online payments enabled.) To do so, click on the two icons below within Manage Settings to edit that text.

3 - Finally you need to edit the text and subject line of any email receipts we send to your customers. To do so, click on the Customer Communications icon within Manage Settings.

You should always do a quick test of your public facing pages to make sure they look the way you want.

Online Payments - Stripe will pick up the language selection and will automatically adjust the payment form to reflect your language setting.

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