On the Reports page, we have an Attendances No Pass Report. This shows customers who were marked as having attended a class but had an orange 'Needs Pass' button next to their name (meaning Punchpass couldn't find a valid pass for that customer).

If you are seeing people with valid passes on this report, OR see customers being flagged as 'Needs Pass' when taking class attendance, there are a few potential causes. You can always check in a customer's account to see why they were marked with no pass, hover over the ? next to the attendance:

REASON 1: Pass Was Purchased After Class Attendance

A customer attends a class, and then buys a pass later. For example - after the class, they go home and buy a pass from your website. So you go and add the pass to their account...but you forgot to apply past "no pass" attendances to that new pass.

You can avoid this situation by marking past attendances when you're assigning a new pass to a customer -- all you need to do is check off any of the past attendances you want to assign to the new pass.

This ALSO comes up when you are taking attendance for classes that happened in the past.  For example, on Wednesday you are taking attendance for a class that happened on Tuesday.   You have a customer who purchased a pass....so you assign them a pass (on Wednesday!) and mark them as attending on Tuesday.  The pass isn't active until Wednesday...so that will create a no pass attendance.

How to fix this?

When you are taking attendance, click the 3 dots next to the customer's name and choose 'Change Pass'.  That will let you choose any of the customer's passes for that specific attendance:

REASON 2: Customer's Pass Was Not Valid For Class Attended

The valid passes these customers have were not set up to be accepted at the classes they attended. You have the option to restrict usage of certain passes to certain classes. But if that's not what you intended, you can fix your setup & you should see the problem go away.

You should go into Manage Account => View/Manage All Passes. Go into each of your pass types & edit it to make sure each pass has the proper classes associated with it.

Once you've fixed your setup, you can go into the Attendances No Pass Report to clean up any folks that might have been affected prior to your setup fix.

How To Clean Up Customers Shown On This Report

Just change the pass used for those attendances. Here's how.

Forgiving User Attendances:

If you have a customer who has attended a class without a pass, you may want to 'Forgive' that attendance. Forgiving an attendance removes it from the 'No Pass' report, but leaves it marked as a no pass attendance. Here's how to forgive an attendance:

  1. Click on the attendance in the No Pass report

  2. Click the purple Edit Attendance button

  3. Click the 'Mark As Forgiven' button

That's it - now the attendance will not be in the No Pass report. Instead it will be listed in the Forgiven report. (Click on the Reports button, and it will be listed in the different reports.) Marked an attendance as Forgiven by mistake? Simple Edit the Attendance again and the button will now allow you to mark the attendance as Not Forgiven.

In general we don't recommend using the Forgive Attendance option very often. But it can help you keep a clean No Pass report by getting rid of the occasional on-off attendance that you don't want to assign to a pass.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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