Discount codes are codes you give to your customers that allow them to apply a discount to specific purchases they make from your business' online pass sales page.  For example, you could create a code called 'HOLIDAYFITNESS' to let customers receive 20% off any pass purchase.  Discounts can be applied to online pass purchases, pre-pay reservations, and paid Series reservations.  At this time they cannot be applied to Memberships.  

Creating Discounts

To get started, first you need to create a discount.  Go to Manage Account, Account Settings, then Online Purchases.  Assuming you have connected your Stripe Account, you'll see a button to Manage Discount Codes.  Then you can click the 'Create New Code' button to get started.

  1.  Discounts must be one word.  It will be capitalized, though your customers can enter them lowercase. 
  2. Discounts must have a PERCENT discount.  Specific dollar amount discounts are not possible.  Discounts can be up to 80% (we will be adding 100% discounts soon.)
  3. Discounts CAN have an expiration date, but don't have to.
  4. Discounts can also have a LIMIT to the number we will allow to be redeemed, but they do not have to.  This is nice if you want to keep redemptions under control by offering a discount only to the first ### of people who have the code.

Managing & Editing Discounts

Once you have a discount created, you'll see them listed like below:

If the discount has a limit we'll show it, along with the # that have been redeemed so far.  You can mark a discount as Inactive at any time, or Punchpass will deactivate it when it expires or reaches it's redemption limit.

To EDIT a discount, simply click on it.  You may delete Discounts that have never been redeemed, and only deactivate ones that have. 

Determining Which Passes & Classes A Discount Can Be Used For:

You can tell Punchpass which passes and pre-pay classes  a discount can be used for.  This allows you to target specific Series or pass types for your discounts, hopefully improving your sales!  By default, a discount is eligible for ALL passes/pre-pay classes when it is first created.  Click on the discount to edit, and then scroll down.  You'll see which passes are eligible, and can click on the button on the right side to select/deselect specific ones.

The Most Exciting Part - Using Discounts!

If the pass, paid series, or pre-pay class has an eligible discount code, Punchpass will show the Discount code field.  Customers can enter the discount, and click 'Apply Discount' to confirm the code is valid.  

If it is, Punchpass will display the new price, along with the % off.  The 'Purchase Pass' button will also display the discounted price.  


Discount codes apply only when the client purchases from the public pages online using your Stripe connection.  They do not apply to in-studio sales from your administrative login, and they do not apply if you are selling via cash/check/other.

We hope discount codes help you drive more sales & customers to your business!

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