If you've decided not to continue with your Punchpass subscription then we've made it easy for you to cancel, right from your account settings.

Just visit Manage -> Settings and head to your Billing section:

Scroll to the bottom of the Billing page and you'll see the option to cancel your account:

On the next page we'll confirm your cancellation date and provide some additional information before you commit to the cancellation (and if you change your mind after that? Just reach out to Punchpass support, we'll be happy to help!)

A few things to note:

  • your cancellation will automatically be effective from your next subscription billing date (so you won't be charged again). Please reach out to Punchpass support directly if you need to cancel before or after this date.
  • you might choose to put your account on hold instead if you're not sure it's going to be a permanent change. Read more about our Data Hold option here.

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