We know a lot of studios are reopening for in-person classes but also wanting to stream those classes so students can still practice online at home - here's how to set that up within Punchpass.

Demo video:

First you'll need to make two separate versions of the same class type (in Manage -> Classes), we recommend specifying clearly in the class name whether the class is happening "in-studio" or "online".

The in-person version of the class will most likely have a limited capacity and you may like to add a waitlist.

The online version of the class can be set up like your regular online classes - through Zoom or another platform.

Once you have the classes set up you can add both versions to your recurring schedule for the same times and days. You'll then need to enable the online classes (check out the articles above for more information).

When you've done that your hybrid classes will look something like this on your public schedule:

Students can easily pick the version of the class that they'd like to book and the rest of the reservation process flows as normal.

If you want to offer live classes, and offer a separate online class with just a recording of the live class, you may want to look into our Content Library feature, especially the Class Content option!

Things to consider:

  • You can link each version of the class to different pass options by editing the eligible passes for each one to make sure the right pricing applies to each version.

  • You'll need to take attendance for both classes.

  • You may also like to make the recording of the class available to those students who attended in-studio. Here's more on how to do that with our content library.

  • We show the timezone for all online classes as a variation from GMT. If that's not a format your students are going to be familiar with then we recommend providing some additional information at the top of your schedule to help them out.

  • We are considering ways to integrate hybrid classes to make this process smoother - stay tuned!

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