You can pause a customer's recurring membership if a customer needs a temporary break. If you're collecting via Stripe, Punchpass will manage the payment scheduling and collection throughout the process 😀

This overview is for pausing individual memberships, If you are looking to bulk pause all memberships, click here!

Access the membership from the Customer's page or from Reports > Memberships and click pause.

You can pause the membership immediately OR select a future date for the pause to start. Here, you can also set the restart date if you know when a customer wants to return, or leave it blank and you can restart the membership manually:

While a membership is paused, it is not valid for attendance. 

And when you pause a membership, Punchpass saves the number of days left in the current membership period.

Ready to restart the membership?

If you need to restart the membership or know when to set the reactivation date, click into the customer's paused membership (from their Customer Overview page, or from Reports > Memberships > Paused), and click Restart Membership Options:

Here you can set the restart date for the future, or immediately restart the membership:

Punchpass will re-calculate the membership renewal date based on the number of days left in the membership period - so when the membership is reactivated it just starts back up right where you paused it!

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