Canceling a Membership

Memberships can be canceled by you on the admin side of Punchpass, or canceled by your customers from their account if you're using the membership self-cancel feature.

Here's how to cancel a membership for your customers as an Admin:

Navigate to the customer account, click on their membership, and click Cancel:

From the cancellation pop up, you can leave the default date and cancel it immediately, or select a date in the future to mark the membership canceled:

Once the membership has been marked 'Canceled', the current pass is still available. If you wish to end that pass immediately, click Finish This Membership & Active Pass:

Refunding a Membership

If your customer is requesting a refund, you can issue it by clicking on the last pass and then selecting Refund Pass. You can refund the entire amount or issue a partial refund at your discretion:

Deleting an Unused Membership

Sometimes you assign a customer a membership, and they change their mind.   If a membership is still in the first membership period (only 1 pass has been assigned) AND it has not been used for class attendance, you can click the delete button and the membership and the current pass will both be deleted.

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