If you had a pass system before moving to Punchpass, you probably have customers who have current passes with remaining punches. You'll want to make sure your converted customers have pass information that reflects their current status.

For customers who are part-way through a pass, you simply click the 'Create AND Edit' button when you or assign their first pass. Here's what the screen looks like:

Now you can edit the details of that person's in-progress pass.

  1. Change the expiration date, if necessary.

  2. Set the number of card visits on a punchcard to the number of visits left on that pass.

  3. Adjust the price paid to reflect the number of visits left on their card -- that's the CURRENT VALUE of the pass this person has. For example - if a 10 punch pass normally costs $200 ($20/class) and you are converting in a pass with 6 punches left, the price paid should be $120 (6 visits left x $20 per visit = $120 current pass value). This will keep your reporting accurate.

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