To allow your instructors to take attendance on your account with their own logins, you (as the account admin) need to first set them up as users and then identify them as instructors.

Let's take this step-by-step! Please check out our detailed guide on adding instructors, staff, and other users to your Punchpass account.

Here's how to add an instructor:

There are different user levels in Punchpass, so you can choose which level is appropriate for each member of your team. To learn more about the different user levels in Punchpass, click here.

Adding a new user to Punchpass triggers a confirmation email to the new user. They will need to click on the link in the email to create their password.

When you add a new admin, all existing admins on the account will receive an email notification to maintain account security.

Now that your instructors have been added as users, your instructors will log in at, just as you do as the account owner.

If any user (admin, restricted, attendance only) has their email changed for their account, we will send a notification to the OLD email address confirming the change.

Your instructors can also use their Google credentials for their login:

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