There are two main places to add other people to your Punchpass account - you can access all of these options in your Settings under "Instructors & Users".

Users: are people who can login to your Punchpass account and manage the system (including taking attendance for classes) - these can include staff, admin, instructors etc.

Instructors: are the names you'll choose from when you're telling your customers who's teaching a class, course or workshop.

People can be either an Instructor or a User, or they can be both.


These are the people who can login and manage your Punchpass account (generally the account owner, admins and instructors) - there are 3 different user levels to keep your account secure.

How new Users get their account logins for Punchpass:

To allow your instructors to take attendance (or other actions) on your account with their own Punchpass logins, you (as the account admin) need to set them up as Users.

To add a new User you'll need to go to the "Instructors & Users" section of your account settings and click on the "New User" button.

Adding a new user will send them a confirmation email where they'll click on the link in that email to create their password. After the first setup, your instructors will log in here, just like you do as the account owner:

(If the User also has an account at your studio as a student then we recommend using the same email address for both - that way they'll be able to choose which side to login to each time)

When you add a new admin, all existing admins on the account will receive an email notification to maintain account security.

If any User has their email changed for their account, we will send the OLD email address a notification of the change.

Different User levels

When you add a user or click on the user's name to edit, you will see the option under User Access to select their access level:

There are 3 different user levels within Punchpass.


An administrator of your Punchpass account has full access to all data & features.

One administrator on each Punchpass account is also designated as the Account Owner, you can change this at any time.


Restricted users have limited access in order to protect your Punchpass account.

While Restricted users are logged in, they CAN:

  • take attendance

  • make reservations

  • send emails

  • assign passes

  • add new customers

  • see customer profiles

  • add, delete or cancel single (not ongoing) classes

  • start online classes (if using Zoom integration)

  • add Class Content to individual classes

However Restricted users CANNOT:

  • see the customer reports

  • download the customer CSV

  • see your customer's email addresses on the View Customers list (so they cannot copy/paste the customer list)

  • access Punchpass setup features via Manage (Settings, Classes, Passes)

Further, you can restrict the CLASSES view so that restricted users only see classes which they are teaching. That makes their view easier to manage (for example if they are accessing Punchpass on their phone) and prevents people from seeing what happened in other instructor's classes.


Attendance-only Punchpass users can only take attendance for the current timeframe. They have no access to past or future classes.

You can further restrict their view so they see only the classes they are teaching. That makes their view easier to manage (for example if they are accessing Punchpass on their phone) and prevents them from seeing what happened in other instructors' classes.

Customer self check-in is available for this user type. If you routinely have a tablet or mobile device set aside for customer self check-in, it may be useful to log in from that device as an attendance-only user. That prevents any access to data when exiting out of customer self check-in.


The second section on your "Instructors & Users" page is for you to add your Instructors.

These are the names that you'll able to choose from as the teacher of a class or session.

The names you enter here will come up on your schedule as-is so you don't need to list full names - you could name an Instructor "Katherine Smith" or "Kat" or "Kat S.", whatever your teachers (and students) are going to be comfortable with!

If you add an email address in this section then the instructor will get an email every time someone makes a reservation or cancellation for one of their classes (if they don't want to receive an email then leave the email section blank).

Linking Users and Instructors

If you want any of your users to only have access to seeing and taking action on their own classes then you can link their User account with their Instructor account.

Once you've set them up as both a User and an Instructor you'll see that option in their User page here:

Where to login to Punchpass

If you or your instructors need to login to the admin side of Punchpass (to take class attendance or manage the system and make changes) then the URL to use is:

If a user also has an account set up as a student at your studio (or another studio that uses Punchpass) then using this address will let them choose which side of Punchpass to log into:

You can also save this web address to your homescreen and save your logins to make Punchpass accessible like an app on your phone and other devices. More information about our web-based app can be found here.

If a user just wants to login to the student side of Punchpass (to make their own bookings or pass purchases etc) then they can use the same address or your public URL instead:

As a general rule using is the best approach so all of your login options will be available.

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