You can change a customer from one membership to another without breaking the billing 'chain' in Stripe. This is particularly useful if you have a customer with a 'good until canceled' membership, and you want to move them over to a different membership type.

Just click on the customer's membership, and you'll see a change button:

There are some limitations to be aware of! First, you cannot change the renewal dates. Second, we don't prorate the change in membership...all we do is cancel the CURRENT membership at the end of the current renewal date, and start the customer on a NEW membership at that time. No email receipts about the change are sent.

So if they are currently paying $100/month, and the membership renews on Dec 15th, and you move them to a membership that is $140/month.....
On Dec 15th they are charged $140 instead of $100
On Dec 15th their access in Punchpass changes to reflect the NEW membership.

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