If a pass was purchased online with Stripe, you can refund the charge via Punchpass.  You can refund the full amount OR a partial amount - however you can only process one refund per pass.

To start a refund, go to the customer's account page and click on the pass.  In the Payment section there will be a Refund button.....

Clicking that will bring up a window that will let you enter an amount:

You can enter the specific amounts to the cent to refund, but DO NOT use $ or any special character, simply enter the number for the refund amount.

The refund request is sent to Stripe, where it normally takes 5-10 days to be returned to a customer's card.  The pass will now show that it has been refunded, and Punchpass shows you the original charge and the refunded amount:

(NOTE - on any Pass Sales reports Punchpass will use the Pass cost - Pass refund to calculate your actual revenue from the pass.)

Please be aware that the original pass is NOT deleted when you process the refund. Here's how to delete a pass.

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