Restricted passes tie a particular pass to a particular class. So, if you want to charge different amounts for different classes, you'll want to set up restricted passes to make that happen.

If Class A costs $20 to attend, but Class B costs $30, restricted passes will help you charge the right amount for each class. Using this example, Pass A would be $100 for a 5 punch pass ($20 x 5), and Pass B would be $150 for a 5 punch pass ($30 x 5). All classes that are $20 can be tied to Pass A, and all classes that are $30 can be tied to Pass B.

Once you've tied the passes & classes together as you wish, Punchpass will know which pass to deduct when you are taking attendance for a class.

To set this up for each pass, just go to Manage Account => View/Manage All Passes. Go into each of your passes to select the eligible classes to tie to each pass.

You can also modify the connection from the class (Manage Account => View/Manage All Classes).

If one of your customers has a pass that isn't accepted for the class they are attending, Punchpass will notify you that they need a pass when you're taking attendance.

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