Once you have enabled your Content Library in Punchpass, you can add content specifically to certain classes!

Businesses using Punchpass have used this in a number of creative ways including:

-selling individual recorded classes

-adding the class recording after the class for anyone who couldn't attend live

-offering pre-class videos/documents

Here's a video overview of using our Class Content feature:

From the Schedule, click on the class you'd like to add the content to. From the Class Details page, click Add Content:

Note: The content will be available to customers who have a reservation or attendance for the class. Once content is active, the customers will not be able to cancel their reservation for the class.

On the Define Content page, you can add a title and description. You'll want to select the type fo content (video or PDF) and where the content is hosted. You can add a link from YouTube or Vimeo, or upload directly to Punchpass:

Next, set the active and expiration dates for the content. The active date is defaulted to the class date, and you can leave the expiration field blank if there is no expiration.

Then, you can select the level of access for the content. You can leave it on Class if you only want reservations/attendances to give access, but you can also add it to Pass level if you also want customers with the designated pass/membership to access the video, Login level if you want all customers with logins to access, or All for everyone to see!

Then select the Collection or create a Collection for the video to belong to. Learn more about Collections here!

Once you click Save, if you are uploading to Punchpass, you'll have the option to upload. Drop or paste the file, or click browse to search for the file:

Then be sure to Mark Attendance for the class to deduct the credit from the customers' pass:

Link to Existing Content

If you already have a video uploaded to the Content Library, you can link it to a class as Class Content as well!

From the class' page, under Content, click " Link Existing Content"

Then, you can select any content not already linked to a class:

If you need to unlink content, just return to the class page and select this option to unlink the content from the class!

Frequently Asked Questions

What user levels can add content to a class? How do restricted users upload content to the content library?

Instructors and Admins can now add content to a class as restricted users.

For restricted users to add content to the content library, and not only a class, they'll need to follow the steps for uploading content to a class.

While uploading the content to a class, you have the option to add the video to a collection.

In this process, after uploading the video, the video preview screen allows a restricted user to then unlink the content from the class -- and the video will still remain in the content library.

Here's an example from the demo account:

Can I use content from the content library and still have it attached to a specific class? For example, I want to make one video from my class available for a 24 hour period to members with a valid 10 class pass. I also want to make that same content available in a collection to members with my online video membership.

You can have the same content in two places (the class and the library) but if you want to have different expiry dates you'll need to upload it to each section separately so you can make that distinction.

If you link the content from the library to the class then they'll have the same expiry date.

You can always edit that date and the accessibility type for the linked video though so depending on how much admin you're up for you could make the video available in the library and the class with the "class level" of access for the right period of time (the 24hr period), then change the access type to "pass" so those with memberships can access it beyond that day (and those with class bookings can't anymore).

Does the content library track views?

Not at this time.

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