You can now sync your customer list in Punchpass with your marketing list in your Mailchimp account, allowing new Punchpass customers to be automatically added to Mailchimp. Here's how it works and some important considerations to keep in mind.

How To Get Started:

1) To start log into Punchpass and go to Manage, Settings, then Integrations.

2) Click the 'Connect To Mailchimp' button...

3) You'll then need to authorize Punchpass. (You can create a new account here, though we recommend you do that beforehand.) You'll be asked to confirm the authorization.

4) Almost done! You'll be redirected back to Punchpass - the last step is to choose which list you'd like your customers to be added to. You can only choose one:

Choose a list from the dropdown and click Save - that's it! Your customer list will be sync'd automatically.

Important Considerations:

1) The customer sync is only ONE WAY

When a new customer is added to Punchpass, or a customer's email address is changed, they will be added to your Mailchimp account.

  • if a customer is DELETED from Punchpass, they are not deleted from Mailchimp

  • modifying their email address in Mailchimp will NOT modify their email address in Punchpass

  • Adding a new subscriber to Mailchimp will NOT add them to Punchpass

2) We do not sync unsubscribes

If a customer is marked Do Not Email or Unsubscribed in Punchpass, that will not affect their status in Mailchimp. (Or vise versa - Mailchimp unsubscribes do not impact Punchpass.)

Why? Your Marketing List is not the same thing as your Customer list.

You may have lots of other sources of emails in Mailchimp - for example signup forms on your website. This means you should use Mailchimp for marketing emails like an email newsletter.

Once connected to Mailchimp, you should only use the Punchpass email functionality for emails specific to your customer base. For example....

  • a change that affects where every parks

  • a change to your scheduled hours or locations

In general we expect that if you are syncing your customer list with Mailchimp, there are very few reasons you would use the Punchpass functionality to email all customers.

3) You cannot pick & choose who is synced and you cannot 'force' a sync

Punchpass syncs all active (not archived) customers who have an email address. The first sync occurs immediately after you integrate. Due to the one way nature of the sync, there is no 'undo'.

4) Only the name and email address are synced. Address/Phone/Birthday are not synced.

5) Archived customers are not synced.

However archiving an active customer will not remove them from your Mailchimp list.

6) Customers are added to your list as 'subscribed'

This means they will NOT be sent any double opt-in notification, regardless of your settings.

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