Within the Content Library, you have the option to create different video collections for easier organization and navigation for customers! You can also link certain collections to specific passes.

If you need help setting up the library, first click here to learn how.

To start creating different collections, click Manage > Content Library.

From the Content Library page, click + New Collection

Name your collections - by class type, level, instructor, however you are looking to organize your videos!

And add a description to help your students find the content they're looking for!

You can sort the collection orders by dragging and dropping - simply click and drag the name of the collection in the list in the top left of the page to move it.

Now that you have your collection categories set up you can add videos to your collections!

You'll still be able to select the level of access for the video (All, Login, Pass). Click here to learn about the access levels for videos.

If you have added a video to your Content Library already and wish to add it to a collection or change the collection it is in, click on the video and click Edit, then you can uncheck the current collection and check next to the collections you wish it to appear.

You can also upload a video and create a new collection while uploading!

If you have set up videos with Pass level access, you can edit your passes/memberships to have access to certain collections.

When your customers log into their accounts, if they have access to videos in multiple collections, they will be able to see them from the Content Library page in their account:

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