If you had memberships before moving to Punchpass, you will want to transition your current members into the new system. 

First, you'll need to add the memberships to their account. You will want to set the membership up as pending so they can keep their usual renewal date. Click here for an overview on setting a membership to begin in the future!

If the membership is not going to be paid in Stripe, you are all set! You'll want to regularly check your Memberships Report and mark these members as paid each time you receive payment. Click here for more info on non-Stripe memberships.

If the membership is going to be paid with Stripe, select Other for the payment type and establish the pending membership. Once created, you can click on the membership and select Convert Membership to Credit Card Charge:

From here, you can either add the card information if you have it, or copy the link to share with the customer so they can add their payment information online:

When customers click the link, they will go to a page to add their card information. Make sure they add their information before the membership start date!

You will receive an email notification when the customer has entered their payment information if you need to take additional steps. When the membership begins, their card will be charged for their first membership pass in Punchpass!

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