If a customer's membership started already and you wish to change it to a different date, you can edit the renewal date. 

When you change the renewal date to BEFORE the date listed, you shorten the current membership period - so you owe your customers a refund for the reduced # of days. For Stripe powered memberships, Punchpass will automatically refund that amount on the NEXT invoice your customer pays. For non-Stripe memberships, Punchpass highlights what the owed amount is:

When you change the renewal date to AFTER the date listed, you EXTEND the length of the current membership period. This can be used as a way to 'pause' a membership for just a few days, or add more time to a membership as a credit. When the renewal date is changed, Punchpass adds a note to the membership:

NOTE - when a membership's renewal date is EXTENDED, Punchpass does not add any credit or pro-rating. Extending simply changes the dates.

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