Your Punchpass account has a single owner, identified in your user settings as shown here:

To transfer ownership, the owner must navigate to this screen and click on the name of the admin who will be taking over.  At the bottom there is this option to transfer ownership:

Keep in mind that is a one-way transfer.  Once the new owner has been set, the prior owner no longer has the ability to change it -- the NEW owner is the only one who can do that. 

After the transfer, the prior owner will be classified as an admin.  Please note that all admins on your account (including the owner) have similar access to setup and reporting features. 

There are a few other things you should review when your business has a new owner:

  1. Double check the company email that's set up under your company's General Settings

  2. Verify the credit card that's used to pay for your Punchpass subscription (Billing settings).  

  3. And last (but not least), transfer ownership of the business' Stripe account. Since Stripe collects all credit card payments for your studio, you'll want to be sure that proceeds are directed to the correct bank account. If you have ongoing memberships via Stripe, we recommend transferring ownership of the Stripe account to the new owner so the memberships will recur without issue. Then, the new owner can change the bank account information.

    1. If you do not have recurring membership payments, you can simply disconnect the current account & let the new owner set up & connect their own Stripe account. Go to your Online Payment settings to take care of that.

If your new owner is new to Punchpass, please let us know!  We'll be glad to introduce ourselves and help them out as they get comfortable with Punchpass :)

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