Waivers are an important part of any business that teaches classes and brings the public into their place of business. The Online Waiver functionality in Punchpass is designed to make it easy to track who has, and has not, signed your waiver while letting customers easily review, sign, and save a copy of their waiver. Let's get started!

Turning Waivers On:

The first step is to turn the feature on! From Manage -> Settings, select Waivers of Liability.

And from here, turn the feature on:

*NOTE - this is not legal advice, and we are not lawyers.  Please consult with an attorney to confirm your waiver complies with the law.  Punchpass does NOT provide any default waiver language.

Creating A New Waiver:

Once enabled, you can choose to 'Add Waiver'. Enter the title and text to create your waiver.  (IMPORTANT - don't add any signature line. Punchpass will handle that automatically.)

Some important points about the Waivers you create:

  1. You can save multiple versions of waivers over time, but only one waiver can be the 'Active' one.  (It's the latest one you have created.)

  2. You can delete a waiver if it has not been signed yet, but if someone HAS signed..then you need to create a new waiver. 

  3. You CAN make minor edits to a waiver that has already been signed, and customers will NOT be asked to re-sign the waiver.  So only make minor edits.

  4. If you create a new active waiver, then all customers will need to sign the new one.  (How?  See the link at the bottom of this article!)

Once your waiver has been created - it's time to get people to sign it!  We have designed waivers to be easy for you AND your customers to use - part of that is making it easy for them to review and sign the waiver.

Click here to learn how your customers sign the waiver.

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