My customers used to sign hard copy waivers when joining the studio. Is there a way to set up the electronic waiver so that only new joiners / new people creating a customer log in have to sign?

Yes, you can sign some online waivers in bulk if you already have a hard copy on file. This article will show you how to do it (scroll all the way to the bottom).

I have two customers that share the same account (husband and wife), I need to get them both to sign on the waiver.

What we would recommend is just setting up a second account without an email address for one of them to use. Have that person use that account only to sign the waiver so you have it on file, even if the two of them will share the other account for everything else!

In a word - Yes.  Here is some more information:

How do my customers get a copy of the signed Waiver?

We email them a copy after they have signed.  Customers with login accounts can view/download the waiver from their account page.

Here is a video for you to send to your customers explaining how to sign a waiver:

If I create a new waiver, are the old waivers deleted?

No - PDF copies of the older waivers are still kept.

Data Storage & Retrieval - How do I get my Waivers?

We believe strongly that the data in Punchpass is YOUR data - and you should never be prevented from getting it out.  Right now you can view individual waivers for a customer by going to their customer account, where you can also open the PDF version and save it.  We'll be adding functionality to download all of your waivers at once.

Can I add any other fields to the Waiver?

Right now you cannot add any fields to the waiver.  That is something we are looking into for the future.  So the waiver feature, as it exists right now, is not a replacement for any 'new customer intake form'.  It's simply a way for a customer to sign the liability waiver.

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