To make a reservation for a customer within Punchpass, just go to their customer profile and "New Reservation" from there.

You'll see your upcoming classes listed there, and you can check off the boxes for whichever classes they'd like to reserve.  You can add multiple reservations for the customer really quickly. You can also use the search bar to easily access a class "Fri 6 Barre" for instance would be a great way to pull the upcoming Friday 6pm Barre classes! We'll also highlight if they already booked into a class and if the class is full so you can add them to the waitlist.

You can also add a reservation by clicking on an upcoming class time. Just click "Classes" & click on a class time. From the Class Details Page, click Add A New Reservation and use the search bar to find and select the customer's name!

NOTE: Your browser will need to have pop-ups enabled. Are you using Google Chrome as your browser? Here is a link about pop-ups.

Making Reservations in Bulk

Standing Reservations

If you have regular customers who always attend a certain class time, you should check out our standing reservations feature.

Disallow Public Reservations

If you prefer a personal touch when working with your customers, you may want to manage your customer reservations yourself through Punchpass.  

Want to show your schedule online but restrict the public from making reservations online? Your customers can still see your schedule online, but they will not be able to click and reserve -- they'll work with you to reserve a spot, and you can manage the reservations while you're logged in to Punchpass.  

To do this, online reservations should be enabled on each Class. Go to Manage Account > Manage Classes to change the public reservation setting for each of your classes.  

You can even allow public reservations in some of your classes, but then control the reservations of other classes yourself.

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