Punchpass has users in 58 countries (and counting!)

Here are some of the features that our international customers use:

International Language SupportĀ 

Your customers can see your schedule, make reservations, and purchase passes in their own language. Click here for more details.

International Date & Time SupportĀ 

Go to Manage Setting > General Settings to select the date & time formatting option which reflects your home preference.

International Currency SupportĀ 

Go to Manage Settings > General Settings to select your home currency. If you don't see your home currency listed, just let us know -- it's easy for us to add a currency to Punchpass.

If you wish to use Stripe to sell your passes online, keep reading for more information.

Global Support for Online Pass Purchases

Punchpass supports online pass purchasing to your customers via our global credit card processor, Stripe. Stripe is available in 20+ countries around the world and is actively working to expand where they can offer service. You can see where Stripe is currently offered here: https://stripe.com/global

If you are on a Punchpass plan that supports Stripe, you can use Punchpass & Stripe to accept payment in your home currency. Just make sure you:

1) Identify your home currency in your Stripe account as you're setting that up, and

2) Identify your home currency on your Punchpass payments setup page -- Manage Settings > Online Payment Settings:

If Stripe accepts your home currency but you don't see it listed here, just let us know & we'll add it.

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