As soon as you add a class to your Punchpass schedule (after setting it up as a class type in Manage -> Classes) you'll have access to a custom link that directs students to that specific class, workshop or course on your calendar.

You can find the link in your class details page here (access your schedule, then locate the class on the correct date and click on the class name):

There are many ways to use this link to streamline the student experience:

  • create a button on your website to promote a specific class, course or event and use the link as the destination URL for that button

  • add links in your newsletters directing students to the events that you're currently promoting

  • easily promote specific classes on social media posts

  • use our Ticketing feature (available on our Banyan plan with Stripe integration) to create a "book and pay" link - a super simple way to collect advance bookings

If the class is part of a multi-class series then all of the classes will have the same link directing students back to the series information so they can book all of those classes in one transaction:

Creating a secret class for a selected group of students

If you're running a class/workshop/course and only want to allow sign-ups from a select group of people (but not the general public) then you can do that too.

Just set up the class type to NOT display on the public schedule (if you have a regular class of the same type that you do already show on your public schedule then you'll need to create a new "hidden" version of that class in Manage -> Classes with this setting).

Then add the class to your schedule for the desired times - even though the classes aren't displayed publicly you'll still see the option to grab the direct link:

You can send the link out to eligible students and they'll be able to book in for the class as normal - anyone with the link will be able to make a reservation.

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