Here's how to get started using the new Content Library feature on Punchpass.  Note that this feature is currently only available on our Balsam or Banyan plans.

Content Library Overview:

What You Can Do With The Library

  • You can add content hosted by you on your Vimeo or YouTube account.

  • You can upload videos to be hosted directly on Punchpass.

  • You can upload your Zoom recordings to be hosted directly by Punchpass.

  • You can limit WHERE the content can be seen on Punchpass. 

  • You can limit WHEN the content is active, and if desired, when it expires.

  • You can organize your videos in different collections, click here to learn more.

Where Can Content Be Seen?

There are different levels of restricting who can view content....

  • ALL means the content appears on a new tab on your public Punchpass site

  • LOGIN means that it is not public, but any customer who logs in can view it. So a customer account is required to view.

  • PASS means that a specific pass (designated by you) is needed by the logged-in customer in order to view the content. Within your pass settings, you can select the Content Collections that the pass gives access to!

  • CLASS RESERVATIONS means the content can only be viewed by a logged-in customer with a reservation for a specific class. You need to upload this to the class, not in the content library area. See the section "Adding Class Content" below.

Step 1 - Turning It On

Go to Manage -> Settings, and select the Content Library button:

And enable the Content Library by pressing the toggle switch. Green means the Content Library is active!

Once you do that, you'll have a new option under 'Manage':

Step 2 - Adding All, Login, and Pass Content

Click on Content Library, and then New Content. You'll need to give the content a name, an optional description, tell us where the video is, and the dates it is active and (optional) expires.  Finally who can see the content.

If the content is on YouTube or Vimeo, you'll need to add a link to the content.  (More information on YouTube/Vimeo below.). If uploading, you'll do that on the next page.

Click Save!

If you chose to have Punchpass host the video, after you click Save, you'll have an option to Upload Video:

Note: videos uploaded directly to Punchpass can have a maximum file size of 3GB (there is currently no total limit for the library)

If you have a video you would like to ALWAYS be shown at the top of your library (for example a Welcome Video), you can 'Pin' the content and we'll always show it up top.

Adding Class Content

Check out our detailed overview of Class Content here!

You can add content and directly link it to a class so only customers who have reservations can login and view it in the Content Library.

From the Class Details Page, click to Add Content:

Add the Content Name and Description. Select whether this video is linked from Vimeo or YouTube, or if you'll be uploading directly to Punchpass. You can set the date the content will be active and expire (active date defaults to the date of the class). Click Save. If you selected upload to Punchpass, you can then upload the video.

Step 3 - Allowing Access To Pass Content

As explained above, you can limit access to your content by linking certain passes to the collections in the Content Library.  If a customer has one of those active passes/memberships...then they'll have access to the library once they have logged in.

To enable a pass to allow content library access:

  1. Manage > Passes

  2. Click on the Pass/Membership you want to enable

  3. Click Content Collections

  4. Select the Collections you want to allow access to with this pass/membership

  5. Click Save

Step 4 - Review the Content
Log onto the customer side of Punchpass (pro-tip: use another browser so you can be logged on as an admin AND a customer).  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don't I see a thumbnail image for my video in the Content Library?

If your video is hosted with Vimeo and is password-protected, you'll need to remove the password protection for Punchpass to generate a thumbnail image.

2. How do my customers experience the Content Library?

You can also check out an overview of how customers can access the content here.

3. How do I upload my online class recordings from Zoom to the Content Library?

Download the class recording to your computer. Then upload the video file directly to Punchpass starting with step two in this article.

4. Can I attach class content to more than one class?

Yes! You can now attach videos to multiple classes.

Final Thoughts & Coming Soon

This library is designed to be a simple, easy-to-use supplement to your existing classes.  We do not provide analytics, the ability to limit the # of views, or information about WHO viewed each video.  Some of that may be available if you are hosting through a provider like YouTube.

Here's what's coming soon:

  • The ability to link content to a specific customer, so that content is essentially private just to them

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