There are situations where you might want to embed a FILTERED view of your schedule on your website.  For example, maybe you have a page about a specific class - you could embed JUST the schedule for that class on that page.  This takes a little bit of copy/paste URL magic...but is relatively straightforward.  

A word of warning - Because Punchpass does not have access to your website, we may not be able to help with this.  So it's highly recommended you find someone who is comfortable with this.

Step 1 - Get the filter

First log into the Administrative side of Punchpass, and go to Classes.  Adjust the filter to be how you would like it.  (Don't worry about the fact that it's a calendar view vs. a list view yet.)   Then you want to copy the part of the URL that is everything from the question mark to the right.

Step 2 - Add the filter to the public schedule view:
THEN go to the public pages (either the list or the calendar view) and paste that at the end of the URL.  Like this:

You'll also want to add &embed=true at the end of the URL - that will hide your logo and the navigation.

So now the URL looks like this:

Step 3 - Replace the URL in the embed code:

Now take that URL and replace the URL in the embed code with it.  Leave the " " marks - just swap the URL - the highlighted part below:

That's it!  Now you can take that embed code and put it on your website.

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