You can schedule and manage your private client sessions with Punchpass.

  • Keep your group classes and privates organized in one place.

  • Add private bookings to your schedule in one easy step.

  • Your clients automatically receive email confirmations and reminders.

  • Bookings are marked as ‘private’ so they won’t show up on your public schedule.

  • When the date of an appointment arrives, you’ll see it on your Punchpass schedule and verify payment.

  • Have a different scheduling system but want to keep track of your privates with Punchpass? Add private attendances on the fly to keep your records in order.

  • Great for personal training, massage, and other 1-on-1 services you provide.

If you'd like to let your clients book online for privates, click here to learn more about how to do that.

Privates work a bit differently from group classes.  When clients want to book, you (or another person logged into Punchpass) will do that for them.  At that point, they'll receive confirmation, etc.  The appointment will then show on your internal Punchpass calendar, but it won't be viewable on your public schedule.

Private sessions are available on selected Punchpass plans.  If want to check them out, we'd be glad to let you try a new plan for a week at no charge.  Just let us know & we'll take care of you.

What Are Private Sessions?

Private Sessions let you quickly create a new class in Punchpass, and a reservation (or attendance) for a customer at the same time.  The class is marked as ‘private’ so it won’t show up on your public schedule.

When Would I Use A Private Session?

We added Private Sessions to make Punchpass work better for appointments, or 1-on-1 training/classes that are scheduled independently of your regular classes.

How Do I Create One?

When you go to a Customer's account, you'll see the button pointed out below.

You can then choose the class, the instructor, the day and the time.  The default setting is to create a Reservation, and we send a confirmation email to the customer.  You can also create an Attendance if you are recording a session after it has happened.  If you choose Attendance we also give you the option to choose which customer pass to punch.

Once you've booked the upcoming private reservation, you will see it on your upcoming schedule when you're logged into Punchpass: 

 However, the private doesn't show up on your public schedule.  When your customers look at your schedule, they won't see the private listed -- it will look something like this...

Here's an example of how you might use Private Sessions for your business:

As an example let's assume your business has regularly scheduled yoga classes, but also offers Massage appointments...

First you need to set up the class & pass in Manage Account:

  1. Set up a Class for each unique massage type (e.g., "1 Hour Massage").  You'll do that by going to Manage Account => View/Manage All Classes => Create A New Class.  You don't need to create any class times because this 'class' isn't regularly scheduled.

  2. Set up a Pass to go along with each massage type (e.g., "1 Hour Massage" for $100 containing 1 punch for 1 use).  Be sure to tie the pass to the massage session during your setup.

Then you use the Private Session feature to book appointments....

  1. When someone calls to book an appointment, you can go into their customer profile and click the "Create Private Session" button.  From there, you can schedule the date/time of the appointment.  Set it up as a reservation if it's happening in the future so you can get it on your schedule.  

  2. When the date of the appointment arrives, you'll see that appointment on your Punchpass schedule just like a regular class.  You can click on the class, see the person's reservation, and mark them as attending.  At this point everything works just like a regular scheduled class in Punchpass.

One Important Note: This feature isn't designed to let your customers book appointments online. We've found many of our clients want to track/record one-on-one sessions for things like personal training, but that the majority of time the scheduling takes place in person or over the phone.

If you'd like to let your clients book online for privates, click here to learn more about how to do that.

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