After you have used Punchpass for a while you start to have Passes that you no longer offer. You can archive those passes to remove them from your day-to-day views, while still retaining all the historical reporting data.

For example, let's say we offered a special deal last February. You don't want to mistakenly assign that pass to any more customers! To archive it, click on Manage Passes, then on the Pass name. 

Then click to Archive the Pass:

(If you haven't assigned the pass to any customers then you will see the option to delete it instead - this will remove the pass from the system)

Archiving will remove the pass from any active pass lists but keeps a record of the pass sales and history. Archiving a Pass does NOT expire the pass for current passholders. 

To view ALL of your passes click on Manage Passes, then click here to see a list of the passes that you've archived:

Hope this helps clean up your Punchpass account!

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