Once you've set up customer logins for your business, your customers will be able to create an account right from your public schedule. Your public schedule URL can be found and edited under Manage Settings > Public Web Pages.

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When they click "create account", they'll receive an email & will be prompted to set up a password.  

Your customers cannot log in until they have created an account password.    

Once a customer has established a login account for your business, they can just sign in to access to their own profile anytime. Then they can book quickly, see their current pass status and all past & future bookings.

How You Know Who Has A Login

You'll see this green notice on a customer's profile when a customer has set up their password & can log into their account. You can also click Customer Logins to view the entire list of customers with logins.

If a customer's profile doesn't show a green notice under their name, they have not set up their login account yet. You can invite them right from here so they receive an email invitation (or they can initiate the login from your public schedule).

Troubleshooting Tips

If one of your customers is having problems logging in, there are a few potential reasons. 

  1. They haven't created an account yet. A green notice under their profile name in Punchpass indicates that they have a login. If it's not there, they should create an account. You can direct them to your public schedule or send them an invitation from their profile.

  2. They are not logging into the right spot. It is important to understand that there is a difference between the administrative users of Punchpass (you & your staff) and your customers. Your customers DO NOT log in where you log in - the system will not recognize them. You want to be sure to direct them to the actual spot on your website where they are supposed to log in to Punchpass.

  3. They are attempting to log in with the wrong email address. Maybe they're using their work email to try to log in, but their account was set up using their personal email. You can double check their login email shown on the green notice under their profile name.

  4. They have forgotten their password.  You should direct them to your public schedule and ask them to reset their password here...

Also note that once a customer requests a password reset, they must click on the link within the email within 24 hours. This is a security measure. So if they wait too long to click the link in the reset password email, they may be told that their "reset password token is invalid". If that's the case, they can request another password reset.

Send your customers this video for a quick demo on how to reset their password:

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