Going on vacation or closing for a holiday? Or is there a special happening at your studio? Clear your schedule and let your customers know with a calendar notice!

STEP 1: Clear your schedule

While you're logged into Punchpass, click the green "Classes" button at the top of your page to see all future classes. Delete or Cancel the classes you aren't going to teach. By deleting those classes, you'll get rid of them from your calendar without disrupting the regular schedule that you've established.

IMPORTANT: You cannot delete a class that has already has reservations or attendances -- you must delete the reservations/attendances before you can delete the class.

You can delete or cancel an entire day's classes by clicking on the date:

If you'd rather Cancel or Delete one class at a time, you can do that instead:

STEP 2:  Post your custom notice for the day by clicking "Notices" from the menu:

Now you're all set!

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