If you have to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances, Punchpass will allow you to cancel it.

With Punchpass you can cancel:

  • A single class

  • All the classes happening on a specific day

  • All future instances of a recurring class time

Here is a quick demo to send to your instructors:

How to Cancel A Single Class

You can cancel right from the "Classes" calendar view within Punchpass by clicking on the three dots next to the class and then clicking Mark as Canceled:

Or you can cancel class from the class details page. From the Class Details page, select the Actions menu and click the Cancel Class option from the dropdown menu:

How to Cancel ALL Classes on a Particular Day

Do you need to cancel ALL classes on a particular day? When you're in the "Classes" view, just use the little arrow on that date to cancel all of that day's classes.

When a class has been marked canceled, that class shows as canceled on your public schedule page and reservations are no longer accepted.

If some reservations have already been made for that class, you must still delete the reservations at the time of cancellation.  You may also need to email the affected customers -- you can do that right from the class page after you've canceled it:

If you want to post a special notice to your calendar, here's more on that.

How to Cancel All Future Class Times

No longer offering a class? Updating your class schedule? You can cancel all future classes directly from the Schedule or by making changes to your recurring class schedule for each class.

Cancel All Future Class Times from the Schedule

➡️ From the Schedule, navigate to the class you want to cancel and select the three-dot icon.

➡️ Select the "Delete All Future Classes at this Time" option. You'll see a pop-up message asking you to confirm.

And all future classes will now be removed from the schedule!

Making Changes to Your Recurring Class Schedule

You can also make these changes to your recurring class schedule from each Class details page in Manage -> Classes.

Here are our guides for making changes to your recurring schedule from the Class details page:

Scheduling a Recurring Class
Editing a Recurring Class Schedule
How to Delete or Archive a Class

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