You can transfer passes between customers if the pass has NOT been used for Attendance. A common scenario is when someone purchases two passes, and wants one to be for their spouse or friend. Transferring is useful when you sell gift cards online too.

How To Transfer A Pass:

Every transfer starts with the Customer Pass. Go to the Customer's Overview tab to the active passes. Each active pass has a little dropdown in the upper right.

Click on the dots and choose "Transfer Pass To Another Customer" to begin the transfer process. 

We'll simply ask you who to transfer the pass to. Choose a customer and click Transfer Pass. Done!

Transferring Memberships, Tickets & Series Purchases

Memberships - If the pass is the FIRST pass assigned from an active membership, then transferring that pass will ALSO transfer the membership. If the membership was purchased online the purchase record will also reflect the new customer (so there may be a mis-match with the payment in your Stripe account. Not a problem, but something to be aware of.)

Tickets - If a customer purchased a ticketed class, you can access the payment from your Online Payments report (click on the Review Online Purchases button within the Stripe widget on your Home page) or by navigating to their Customer account.

You'll see the ticketed reservation in the Reservations in Upcoming Classes section.

➡️ Click on the three-dot icon next to one of the reservations and select the Transfer Ticketed Reservation to Another Customer option.

➡️ This opens the Transfer Pass page. Please select the recipient and press the Transfer Ticketed Reservation.

➡️ Now you'll see the ticketed reservation in the recipient's customer account. And you'll want to let them know!

Transferring a Series Registration

Series - If the pass was assigned because of the registration for a SERIES of classes, then transferring the pass will ALSO transfer all the class reservations for that Series. Again, this can only be done before any class attendances have taken place.

In either of the above situations, you'll notice that the link to initiate the transfer tells you what is going to happen, AND we will warn you on the transfer page that the related membership or series reservations will be affected too.

We hope this helps you manage your customer passes a bit better!

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