You can delete a series from your class offerings as long as there are no series reservations.

Have reservations for the complete series? You'll need to delete them first.

Things to keep in mind when deleting a series:

Deleting a series from your schedule will also remove the underlying classes if there aren't any individuals registered for the individual classes.

For example, if a person is registered for one class out of the five classes in the series, and you then delete the series, this class will still appear on the schedule. It will now display as a regular class time and not as part of the former series.

How to Delete a Series from your Class Schedule:

  • Go to Manage Classes

  • From the Active Series section, select the series you want to delete.

  • Delete any series reservations (you cannot delete a series with reservations).

  • Once reservations have been deleted, the button to Delete the series will appear

  • Press the Delete button to delete the series.

  • A confirmation message will appear letting you know the series has been deleted.

  • The series and the underlying classes will be removed from your schedule.

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