Do you want to sell a pass online...but NOT list it on your regular pass list? Maybe you want to consult with clients before they purchase. You can screen them or counsel them before they make their purchase.

You can do that!. You can choose NOT to list a pass on your pass purchase page. But you can still sell that pass online by sending a customer a direct link for the pass. Your pass setup will look like this...

So you can email them the link when they're ready to sign on & then they can pay online. If you need to disable sales through this link, simply archive the pass!

If you offer Customer Logins, you also have the option to limit pass sales to only those customers who have login access to your business. When you're setting up your pass, you can elect to make it available to anyone OR just to your logged in customers.

This is particularly powerful if you restrict your customer logins to a limited group of chosen members. You can give them special deals. 💰

If you want to limit online sale of a pass to one purchase per customer, click here!

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