A pass can only be assigned to a single customer. So there are two solutions…

The most common way to handle this situation is to have one person own the pass & mark them as attending a class twice. The system will warn you that it's a duplicate attendance, but it will accept the attendance. We recommend putting a note in the class (blue button on the Mark Attendance screen) explaining WHY there is a duplicate attendance. This is common for situations where a friend comes one time, or a mother brings her daughter on occasion.

If two people are SHARING a pass (e.g, a husband and wife), then we recommend you create a single customer with both of their names (Jack and Jill Davidson). That way you can search for either name on the pass. Don’t use the & symbol or the search doesn’t work. We also use this workaround when a customer wants to put a child's name on the account but wants to maintain traceability to the parent (e.g., Jill - Charlotte Davidson).

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