Punchpass provides a memberships report that you can use to keep track of your customers' current recurring memberships.

Regardless of how you collect payment for your memberships, it's very important to review this report regularly to be sure payments are coming in for your customers' memberships.

To see the memberships report, click on Pass Reports on the homepage (blue button) and then Memberships.

You can click through the report to update a customer's payment status. You can cancel a membership here as well.

What if a membership collected via Stripe shows as Unpaid?

We don't usually know the reasons behind a failed credit card charge. That's really up to Stripe and your customer's bank, and it's not something you or I have any control over. The only thing we can do is to review the Memberships report regularly to make sure payments are going through as expected & to follow up with the customer if the payment didn't go through.

So, to deal with this situation...First you will want to update the customer's card from the admin side of Punchpass. Just go to the customer's profile & click on the membership. You'll have the option to change the credit card there. When the card is updated, Stripe will attempt to charge that new card the NEXT time payment is due, but you will have to collect any missed payments separately.

So - to catch the customer up on any missed payments -- you can go to Stripe, and go to the customer account. There is a small link on the right side in the section that says Payments - it says 'Create Payment'

That will let you process a one-time charge.

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