Punchpass allows you to create a free trial for your memberships, which is a great way to entice customers to 'try before they buy.'  Here's how to set them up, and some important points to understand about how they work.

To enable a free trial you can create a new membership, or edit an existing one.  You'll see an option near the bottom of the form:

Chooses the number of days you want to offer a free trial (so 1 week choose 7, 2 weeks choose 14, etc.) . 

When a customer purchases the membership (or is assigned it by you), Punchpass issues them a pass that is good for the length of the free trial, and stores their payment information in your Stripe account. That pass DOES NOT count against the # of renewals for a membership. Once the free trial is over, the membership renews and the customer's credit card is charged.

A couple of important points to keep in mind....

  1. You cannot change the length of the free trial, or override it for specific customers.  Instead you'll have to define a new membership that does not have a free trial.  

  2. You can define a free trial period up to 30 days in length.  Because this cannot be overridden, we recommend you keep the free trial period short.

  3. The free trial starts when the membership 'starts'.  For example if you assign a membership to start at the beginning of next month, that is when the free trial period will start.

  4. The membership's RENEWAL date, will be the date after the free trial ends, because most likely the free trial period will not match the length of the membership's renewal periods.

Recurring memberships are a great tool to provide your business with a steady, predictable cashflow.  Adding a free trial is a way to reduce the risk for customers who are interested in what you offer!

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