Paylinks in Punchpass let you provide your customer with a secure, custom link they can use to pay online for a pass already assigned to their account.

An example is the easiest way to see how Paylinks work, and how you can use them.  Let's say a long time customer comes to your studio and wants to buy a 1 month pass....but they forgot their wallet.  ☹️

With Paylinks, you can be the hero!  "No problem" you say.  "I'll assign you the pass right now and email you a link to pay online.  Please just pay for the pass when you get home."

Step 1 - Assign the Pass
The important part is to leave the pass marked as unpaid.

You must be tracking the payment status' of passes in order to use Paylinks. (Here is how to turn that on.)  It doesn't matter what you choose for 'How is the customer paying?' though we would recommend 'Other'.  Finally adding a note is always a good idea in this situation.

Step 2 - Copy the Paylink URL to your clipboard so you can email/text it to the customer
There are two places to find the URL.  First, you can click the dropdown for the different pass actions and choose to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Or, if you click on the pass to see its details page, we clearly show you the URL at the bottom along with an option to copy it.

Step 3 - Send it to the Customer
Now use the Send Email to Customer functionality right in the customer's account to send them a note with the URL to pay. Easy!

What Happens Next?
The customer can click on the link and they'll see a simple page with your client logo/branding, along with a message explaining how to pay:

Once they've paid a few important things happen:

  1. We send them an email receipt.

  2. We mark the pass as 'Paid', and disable the paylink so they cannot pay again by mistake.  (Note - if you mark the pass as unpaid again, the link will become active!)

Can you use a paylink with memberships?
Not right now - but that is something we are planning to add.

Can a customer update their credit card with a paylink?
Not at the moment - paylinks simply charge a card, they do not create a customer in your Stripe account or update a customer.

Should I use these instead of No-pass attendances?
Right now, no.  These should be used only for situations where you are sure the customer is going to pay.  We are going to be slowly 'merging' these two concepts together over time.

⚠️  A Word of Warning!!  ⚠️

Paylinks solve a unique problem, but they are NOT the solution for day-to-day payments.  A couple of warnings to consider.... 

  • It's ALWAYS better to be paid up front, then to have to chase someone for payment.  

  • Paylinks are a quick 'please pay me' request.  They aren't tracked at all besides updating the 'Paid' flag on the pass.  

  • You cannot send a Paylink for partial payment.

  • Paylinks do not fit with the 'No-pass' attendance flow and are not a replacement.

  • Punchpass does not notify you when a Paylink is paid - you should receive an email from your Stripe account about the payment.

One of our goals with Punchpass is to help you get paid faster, while also giving you the flexibility to handle the 'life happens' situations that come up from time to time.   We hope Paylinks help!

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