If you offer single day workshops or events, you can promote them by using Punchpass to accept reservations for the particular class that corresponds with it. 


Punchpass gives you a unique url for each class time that you offer.  So, you can grab that link and send it to your customers.  We recommend having a button on your website that links directly to that page, so you can give your clients clear direction on the button.  You can also send the link to your clients via email or Facebook.  

To find a class' web address, you can go to your passes for sale list on your Punchpass hosted page & clicking on the specific classtime for your workshop.  

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to set up a workshop and promote it to your clients:


Create a class in Punchpass.  It should accept reservations & be shown on your public schedule....but do not set up any class times for it.  Go to Manage Account => Manage Classes to set up the class.


Add a single session of that class to your schedule.  


Get the link from your public schedule and use that to send to people to reserve.  

To find this link, go to your public schedule (go to the link at Manage Accounts > Public Schedule & use the link at the top of the page). From there, you can click on the the class time you added to your schedule & copy the url that is in the browser menu bar.

When you have the link you need, you can add a button to your website, Facebook page or an email to announce the upcoming event.


When your customers sign up for that class, then you know they are signed up for the workshop.  

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