You can track the payment status of every pass assigned to a customer in Punchpass.

If this feature is turned on for your account, you can flag a pass as unpaid and then see a list of unpaid passes in the Reports section of Punchpass. It's a simple way to see who still owes you money, and a good reminder to process the customer payment.

Here's how to set it up and use the feature:

1) Turn on payment tracking by going to Manage Settings > General Settings. Check the checkbox to turn on the feature and save your changes.

2) Now when you assign a customer a pass there is a new checkbox asking if you have received payment for the pass. It is UNCHECKED by default. Leaving it unchecked means you have not received payment. (This is a great reminder to staff to remember to run the customer's credit card through Square/Paypal, etc.)

One tip - use the comment/note field to explain why payment is not received.

3) Now when you view the pass in the customers account it will be flagged as unpaid.

4) To mark the pass as paid, simply click on it and then click the purple Mark As Paid button

5) Did you mark a pass as paid by mistake? No problem - go to the customers account and click on the pass. There's a link at the bottom to mark the pass unpaid.

6) So who owes you payment? Click on All Reports, and there will be a menu item to see passes where Payment is not received.

It's a very simple process once you get the hang of it. Please let us know how it helps you manage your business!

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