You can suspend a customer's pass in Punchpass so it is not eligible for class attendance.

There are a variety of reasons you might want to temporarily suspend a customer's pass.

  • A long term customer has a life event that will prevent them from coming in for a period of time. New baby, temporary job transfer, broken bone, etc.

  • You have failed to collect payment from a customer and want to put a hold on their pass.

Offering customers the option to suspend certain passes can be a smart business move - customers are more likely to commit to a long term pass (1 year, 6 month) when there is a reassurance that if something unexpected happens, they can put the pass on hold.

Here is how to suspend a pass:

Go to the customer's profile and click on the more options menu for the specific pass. Click Edit Pass.

In the edit form, there is a checkbox to suspend the pass.

You may also want to add a note saying why/when the pass was suspended. Check the box and click Save.

Now the pass is flagged as "suspended". It will be ineligible for attendance until the flag is removed.

To see all the suspended passes click All Reports on your home page. There is a report option called Suspended Passes that will list the passes, along with the notes field so you can quickly see which passes are suspended and why.

NOTE: Expiration dates are not changed automatically when a pass is suspended. It's simple for you to adjust the pass dates as necessary when the suspension is removed from the pass.

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