Google Analytics 

First, add your Google Analytics ID to Punchpass by going to Manage, Settings, Public Web Pages:

Once you have added your Google Analytics ID, Punchpass will start sending page views of all the PUBLIC Punchpass pages for your account your customer's visit.  So your schedule, and the passes to purchase list.  We also send page views if your customer logs into their account for your business.

Punchpass doesn't fire any sort of 'Event' when a customer makes a reservation or purchases a pass, so if you want to track those events you need to define those goals yourself in your GA account.  Here's how:

What you need to do in GA is set up a goal that converts based on a page view, based on the destination URL they end up on.  Those are called a 'Destination Goals'.

Tracking Pass Purchases

For the Public pages AND for the Logged In Customer pages you can use the destination URL the customer ends up on after the event.  For a pass purchase the URL looks like this:

So keying off of /purchases is your best bet.  We only show /purchases... after someone has made a purchase.  The only downside here is that if someone clicks back that will register the goal again.

This is the main goal we recommend you track.

When you create the goal in Google Analytics, make sure you choose Destination Goal, then 'Regular Expression' from the dropdown to match that part of the URL.

Tracking Reservations

Tracking reservations is possible on the Public side of Punchpass, but not on the logged in customer side, as we don't send the customer to a unique URL.  In general we don't recommend creating a goal for reservations, as there can be a lot of them.  Usually the primary goal of an advertising campaign is to get the customer to purchase a pass.

For PUBLIC reservations the URL looks like this:

That is the only spot we have /thanks so you can key off of that to fire the goal event in GA.

For logged in customers, Punchpass just sends the customer back to the schedule page.  Right now it's difficult to track this goal using GA because of this and we don't recommend it.  If this is something you DO want to create a goal for please let us know.

There is a LOT of information on the web about using Goals in Google Analytics to track your sales funnel.  We recommend starting there to research how to best use Google Analytics to help grow your business.

Facebook Pixel Tracking 

Many of the same principles apply to Facebook pixel tracking.  Once you've added your pixel to Punchpass, you should refer to Facebook's guidelines for further support.

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