You can make small edits to your active waiver, but customers will NOT be asked to re-sign the waiver. 

Editing your Existing Waiver

➡️ From the list of Waivers, click on the name of the Waiver you'd like to edit:

➡️ From the overview page, press the Edit button to make small changes to this waiver.

Add a New Waiver

If you are making major changes to your waiver, we recommend creating a new waiver for all customers to sign:

When you add a new waiver, it won't become active automatically.

You can make edits and changes before you are comfortable making it the active waiver in your account:

You can also select a previous waiver to edit or make active again!

To make a new waiver the active waiver, you'll need to select the option to Make This Waiver Active. Changing the active waiver automatically makes the old waiver inactive.

After your new waiver is active, customers will be prompted to sign the new waiver. Learn more about how customers can sign a waiver here.

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