You can bundle classes together in order to create what we call a 'Series' -and require payment to book!

If you want people to pay for a Series at the time of registration

1) You should create a new PASS in the system just for this class. (Do this first!)

2) When you create the Series, you can link the Pass created in step 1. (Click here for the how-to for Creating a Series!)

3) When a customer registers, they are prompted for payment information. If entered successfully in the system the following occurs:

  • the customer's credit card is charged and a purchase record is created

  • a new customer is created (or they are matched with an existing customer)

  • the pass is assigned to the customer's account

  • reservations are made in all the classes in the series for the customer

Please note: if the class that makes up the series also accepts other passes for attendance (see our guidance on eligible passes) then those passes can be used for registration in addition to the linked pass.

If you don't want that to happen then we recommend setting up a new version of the class to be used when creating the series and make sure your linked pass is the only pass type eligible for that class (and therefore the series).

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