There are multiple ways to have your customers sign the waivers - our goal is to make waivers more convenient than paper, and save you time!

From The Customer's Account Page

There are few different ways to either sign the waiver or notify the customer about the waiver.  You can....

  1. Send them a link to sign the Waiver.  Copy the link provided and send via text, WhatsApp, etc.  Customers do NOT need to log in to sign the waiver.

  2. Open the waiver for the customer to sign right now.  What if the customer is standing right there?  Click this button and a page will open with the waiver and the signature box.

  3. Mark The Waiver Signed Yourself.  This option should be used if the customer already has a signed waiver from another system, or you have a copy of a signed paper waiver.

From The Customer's Logged In Account Page

If customer's have a login, and have not signed the active waiver, they can log into their account.  When they do that they will see a prompt at the bottom of the page.  For now, you cannot restrict any customer's actions based on whether or not they have a waiver.

This works great as the customer is prompted to sign without any intervention from you.

From the Automated Email After Making a Reservation

If a customer places a reservation and does not have the waiver signed, we will send them a reminder email (about 10 minutes later) recommending that they sign the waiver now and take care of it before class.  The goal here is to get your customers to review and sign the waiver BEFORE they get to class.

The only part of the automation that you can turn off is the reminder to sign if a customer books a reservation without signing the waiver. And that lives in Manage Settings > Online Reservations. See below!

Require Waiver to Book

If you want to force customers to sign the waiver prior to booking a class, you can turn on this setting under Manage Settings > Online Reservations:

NOTE: You will need to require a customer to log in to enforce this setting.

From The Class Attendance Page

When you are marking attendance, we now show you if the customer has a signed waiver or not.  If they don't (no checkmark) you can initiate the waiver signing process right there by clicking on the dots to the left of their name and selecting Open Waiver:

The customer can review and sign the waiver, and then you can return right to taking attendance.

How Do They Actually Sign??

At the bottom of the waiver signature page we show them a signature box.  (Works great on a tablet!)

We also give them the option to use a 'pre defined' signature, which is just their name in script.  This makes signing on a laptop or computer a little easier than scratching your signature with the mouse!  😀

No worries if they use a stylus or a touchscreen to sign and their name is difficult to read, we'll include their name typed below the signature on the PDF waiver!

Once they have signed, they will receive confirmation along with an email allowing them to view and download a PDF of the waiver.  

Bulk Signing - If Waivers Are Already Signed

If you have current customers who have already signed your waiver, you can mark them as signed.  You can do that individually for a customer in the Manage Waivers page (click on the active waiver.) Or you can mark multiple customers at once using the Actions menu on the Customer list.

Choose the customers using the checkboxes, and click Sign Waiver.  Waivers WILL BE CREATED for those customers using the pre-defined signatures, and they will be marked as having been created by an Admin.  We encourage you to keep copies of any original waivers you have until you transition completely to Punchpass.

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