Punchpass lets you choose a custom name for your public schedule and pass purchase pages. So instead of this...


you can have something like this!


That's a LOT easier for you AND your customers to remember, and displays your brand in the URL. Choosing a custom name won't break any of your current links....we redirect everything for you.

How To Make This Change:

Log in, and go to Manage Account, Account Settings, then Public Web Pages and scroll down to the section Customize Your Link.

 A couple of notes about this functionality:

  1. Choose your name carefully. Once you have told customers about the link, you should not delete it or change it. We cannot redirect from a modified link. (You can delete it right after you have added it if you think of something better...but once you have told people, don't change it!)

  2. Try to think of something that will describe your business. If what you want is taken, try adding the city name to the end.

Answers To Common Questions:

Will I have to change my embeds?
Only if you use the 'buttons embed.  If you have the  'buttons' embedded then you should copy the new embed code and paste it again on your site.  All other embeds should work just fine.  

However - we DO RECOMMEND you you double check your website and add the embed code to your website again if the embed is not working correctly.

Do my customer's need to re-bookmark the pages?
No - the old links will continue to work.  (Obviously if a customer is having a problem we DO recommend they re-bookmark it just to be sure.)

Is this change required?

Not at all - this is completely optional.

What's the primary reason to make the change?
This simply makes the URL to your public schedule & booking pages easier to remember, and promotes your brand.  An easier URL for your customers to remember is always good!

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