Sure! You can offer gift cards in Punchpass.

If you want to sell the gift cards online using Stripe, follow this link for instructions. Keep in mind that if you do sell them online, you'll need to reach out to the purchaser to determine who they'd like to give the gift certificate to.

If you are NOT selling the gift cards online with Stripe, here's how we'd recommend going about it in Punchpass:


If you've never offered gift certificates before, you'll want to create a "Gift Pass" by going to Manage Account => Passes. 

Your pass setup might look something like this:

You will have to set a price for the pass in Punchpass. However, remember that you can always change this price & the number of spots on the pass when you assigning it to the customer. So, just pick a "standard" price & number of spots on the pass knowing that you can make tweaks later on.

The expiration date is something to think about. In the example above, we're setting the expiration date to be 1 year after the first time the recipient uses the pass. You can structure it however you want, but it's a good idea to grant the recipient some leeway so the pass doesn't expire before they can use it.

Then follow the instructions below:


Let's say that "Giver" wants to give "Recipient" a gift pass.

1) When the Giver approaches you to purchase the Gift Card, you'll collect payment from them.

2) You should give the Giver a branded & personalized certificate that indicates the value of the gift certificate. This allows the Giver to have a nice card to present to the Recipient. You may want to include your business card (which indicates your web site) and/or a copy of your current schedule.

2) Go to the Recipient's customer profile. If the recipient is a new customer, you'll set them up as a new customer. It's best to have at least their first name, last name, and email address.

3) Assign the Recipient the Gift Pass.

Don't send an email receipt to the recipient.

You can make a note in the comments section about the Giver of the pass.

You can "Create and Edit" the pass when you're assigning it if you want to tweak any of the pass details at that time -- for example, if the gift card amount and/or number of spots on the card is different from the standard gift pass that you defined.

4) Now, when the Recipient arrives, you'll have their pass in your system & it will be ready to use. You can take attendance normally.

The Recipient can make reservations normally too, if you accept them.

5) When the Recipient's pass runs out or expires, they will have to buy a pass. They'll get an automated notification when their pass is nearly up! :)

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