Passes can be created that are considered 'Pending' - what this means is that Punchpass will set the Start & Expiration dates of the pass WHEN IT IS USED FOR THE FIRST TIME.

An example will make this clearer:

A customer purchases a 2 week pass that has been configured so Punchpass will set the start/expiration dates after it has been first used.

  • Customer purchases the pass on December 1st

  • Customer comes to their first class on December 10th

  • The pass is then made 'Active' and the start date is set to Dec 10th, and the expiration date is set to Dec 23rd

The main thing to be aware of is that the start/expiration dates are set based on the DATE OF THE CLASS where the first attendance is made.

The only exception is if you assign a pending pass to a customer and at the same time assign a no pass attendance to that pass. The new pass will be set to become active on the day it was assigned.

To define a Pass as 'Pending Start'.....

  1. Navigate to Manage Passes and click on the Pass you want to edit

  2. Click the Edit Pass Definition button

  3. Change the field asking when to set the expiration date to be set on first use (see image below)

When Do Pending Passes Work Well?

Pending passes work great if you regularly take attendance on the same day (or very close to) that you have class. They also work well for short term passes sold online, when the customer may purchase the pass but then not come to the studio right away.

Pending passes DO NOT work well if you regularly take attendance well after class has taken place. You may find customer's passes being assigned a start date well in the past. Experiment with a few and let us know what you think!

This table gives you a good overview of your options regarding pass start dates:

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